Lutron has just announced new thermostat and wireless shading solutions! The new programmable thermostats allow you to check and adjust your homes heating and A/C systems from anywhere in the world using your Iphone/Ipad/Android Device. Also the new motorized shades allow the convenience of motorized shading...

Green Energy

Going green is one of the hottest things on the market right now. Reducing your carbon footprint, saving the environment, and reducing consumption are all great things, but we at Intelligent Home Solutions go much further than that. How would you like to make your home work for you? We offer a complete list of energy saving solutions such as LED bulbs and fixtures, intelligent dimmers, timers, occupancy sensors, and much more.

Not Enough?

How about having a home that makes you money?? Renewable energy can not only greatly reduce or eliminate your electricity bill, but can actually generate you hundreds of dollars a year. By placing solar panels on your roof you can do your part for the environment while making a long term investment in your home.

How it works

The solar energy process has been streamlined since its first inception back in the late '70s. The quick and simple explanation is that the energy you create is converted to useable current, that is pushed right back into your home via a breaker in your main panel box. Whatever energy is harvested is pushed thru into your home and whatever you don't generate is supplemented by power from the utility company.

Here is where the big savings happen. When your home creates more power than your home is currently using the power is pushed right back out onto the power grid in your neighborhood for all of your neighbors to use. While this is happening your meter is actually running backwards and crediting you for all of that energy. No hassle of batteries and worrying about cloudy days. While you are off at work and your home isnít using much power, your meter can spin backwards and bank energy for you to use later. This process allows you to greatly reduce your electrical bill or eliminate it all together. Imagine reducing your bill from $500 to $50 or less. This is all possible by harnessing the power of solar energy.

Making Money

This is where it really gets interesting. By producing energy at your home and using that power instead of 100$ utility power, you home creates that are called Solar Renewable Energy Credits, or SRECs for short. Every time your home generates 1000kwh of electricity, weather you use it yourself or not, you receive a SREC. By state law the power utilities must meet certain requirements of energy produced by solar energy, increasing every year. If they do not produce the energy themselves they are allowed to supplement their production by purchasing SRECs from individuals. You can sell your SRECs that your home has generated for hundreds or thousands of dollars a year, depending on how large of a system you have and what the current market price on SRECs during the year. Make your home work for you!

For more information about green solutions or for more information about solar energy, please contact us at info@intelligenthomesolutions and we will try to answer any questions you may have.